Hello. I'm Houda El mimouni

PhD Candidate
Information Science, Drexel University

I am a doctoral candidate at Drexel University's College of Computing and Informatics, advised by Professor Ellen Bass. I am also working with Professor Jennifer Rode and I am an honorary member of Professor Susan Fussell's Lab at Cornell University.

My research interest lies in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction and Computer-Mediated Communication. I am keen on understanding how humans use technology to communicate and how culture and gender influences such use. I also study to what extent designs align with social values and how to make the process of design a value sensitive one.

I have a Master’s of Science in Library and Information Science from Pratt Institute in New York City, and a BS degree from the Ecole des Science de l’Information in Morocco; together with an Associate degree in Computer Science, a BA in Language and Pedagogy and a BA in Linguistics. In 2011, I was honored to receive the Fulbright grant to fund my graduate education.  

I am multilingual and I enjoy talking to people about research. Reach out to me with any questions and/or for research collaboration!


Some of the projects I worked on (in varying degrees of completion)

Robotic Telepresence

Use of telepresence robots in the classroom

I study the use of TPR in the classroom and their adherence to Value-Sensitive Design cross-culturally
(In progress)

Computational Making

Teaching Kids computational thinking and making using E-textiles

Computational making provides better ways to attract a diverse range of students to computing fields.
Ubicomp best paper award

Arabic Collections

A prototype for the Arabic Collections Online

Working at NYU Library UX department, I designed a prototype for ACO, a publicly available digital library of public domain Arabic language content.


Teaching is my passion. I enjoy taking part of the knowledge discovery process, inspire and be inspired by my students as they learn about their potential and make their own way forward.

In the past, I taught French and English as a second language in language centers.

In 2017–2018 academic year, I am teaching INFO 608 Human Computer Interaction at Drexel's College of Computing and Informatics.
This graduate course focuses on the physiological, psychological and engineering basis of design and evaluation of human-computer interfaces covering such topics as; theoretical foundation of HCI; cognitive modeling of user interactions; task analysis techniques for gathering design information; iterative design cycles; formative and summative usability testing; and project planning and report writing.

Select Publications

For a full list, please see my resume

Book Chapter

UX work in Libraries: How (and Why) to Do It
El mimouni, H., Anderson, J., Templeman-Kluit, N., A., & Dolan-Mescal, A. | In Costello, L., Powers, M., (Eds.), Developing In-House Digital Tools in Library Spaces | PDF

Journal Papers

In Transition: Academic e-Book Reading in an Institution Without e-Books
Lopatovska, I., Slater, A., Bronner, C., El mimouni, H., Lange, L., & Ludas Orlofsky, V. | Library Review, 63(4/5), 261-275. / 2014 | PDF

Refereed Full Papers

Against Marrying a Stranger: Marital Matchmaking Technologies in Saudi Arabia
Al Dawood, A., Abokhodair, N., El mimouni, H., Yarosh, S. | ACM DIS 2017 | PDF
Best Paper Award (Top 1%)

Does Technology Have Race?
Hankerson, D., Marshall, A. R., Booker, J., El mimouni, H., Walker, I., & Rode, J. A. | ACM CHI 2016 | PDF

From Computational Thinking to Computational Making
Rode, J.A., Weibert, A., Marshall, A., Aal K., von Rekowski, T., El mimouni, H., and J. Booker. | ACM Ubicomp 2015 | PDF
Best Paper Award (Top 1%)

Short Papers

Computational Making Experience
El mimouni, H., Rode, J. | iConference 2016 | PDF

Computational Making: What Does this Theory Mean for SIGCSE?
Rode, J., A., Marshall, A.,El mimouni, H., J. Booker. | ACM SIGCSE 2016

Culture and Information Architecture: A Study of American and Arab Academic Websites
El mimouni, H., MacDonald, C. M. | ASIS&T 2015 | PDF

Transliteration and Retrieval Issues: Case of Arabic Language in Social Media
El mimouni, H., Park, J.R. | IFLA 2015 | PDF


From Computational Thinking to Computational Making: A Demo
Rode, J.A., Weibert, A., Marshall, A., Aal K., von Rekowski, T., El mimouni, H., J. Booker. | ACM Ubicomp 2015