Hello. I'm Houda El mimouni

PhD Candidate
Information Science, Drexel University

I am a doctoral candidate at Drexel University's College of Computing and Informatics, advised by Andrea Forte.

My research interest lies in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction and Computer-Mediated Communication. I am keen on understanding how humans use technology to communicate and how culture and gender influences such use. I also study to what extent designs align with social values and how to make the process of design a value sensitive one.

I have a Master’s of Science in Library and Information Science from Pratt Institute in New York City, and a BS degree from the Ecole des Science de l’Information in Morocco; together with an Associate degree in Computer Science, a BA in Language and Pedagogy and a BA in Linguistics. In 2011, I was honored to receive the Fulbright grant to fund my graduate education.  

I am multilingual and I enjoy talking to people about research. Reach out to me with any questions and/or for research collaboration!


Some of the projects I worked on (in varying degrees of completion)

Robotic Telepresence

Use of telepresence robots in the classroom

I study the use of TPR in the classroom and their adherence to Value-Sensitive Design
In progress

Computational Making

Teaching Kids computational thinking and making

Computational making provides better ways to attract a diverse range of students to computing fields
Top 1%, Ubicomp 2015

Arabic Collections

A prototype for the Arabic Collections Online

Designed a prototype for ACO, a digital library of public domain Arabic language content
Learn more

A/B Testing for EDS

EBSCO Discovery Service: a Research Study for NYU Libraries

Guerrilla testing was used to compare two interfaces, measure their usability and select the friendlier

Website Redesign

School of Information Science Website Redesign

Conducted a competitive analysis and a user study, created personas, sketches, wireframes and a prototype

Usability Testing

Books & More tab at at NYU Library website

Worked with a team on conducting a usability testing of the Books & More tab at New York University library website


Teaching is my passion. I enjoy taking part of the knowledge discovery process, inspire and be inspired by my students as they learn about their potential and make their own way forward.

In the past, I taught French and English as a second language in language centers.

Since Fall 2017, I have been teaching INFO 608 Human Computer Interaction at Drexel's College of Computing and Informatics.
This graduate course focuses on the physiological, psychological and engineering basis of design and evaluation of human-computer interfaces covering such topics as; theoretical foundation of HCI; cognitive modeling of user interactions; task analysis techniques for gathering design information; iterative design cycles; formative and summative usability testing; and project planning and report writing.

Select Publications

For a full list, please see my resume

Book Chapter

UX work in Libraries: How (and Why) to Do It
El mimouni, H., Anderson, J., Templeman-Kluit, N., A., & Dolan-Mescal, A. | In Costello, L., Powers, M., (Eds.), Developing In-House Digital Tools in Library Spaces | PDF

Journal Papers

In Transition: Academic e-Book Reading in an Institution Without e-Books
Lopatovska, I., Slater, A., Bronner, C., El mimouni, H., Lange, L., & Ludas Orlofsky, V. | Library Review, 63(4/5), 261-275. / 2014 | PDF

Refereed Full Papers

Against Marrying a Stranger: Marital Matchmaking Technologies in Saudi Arabia
Al Dawood, A., Abokhodair, N., El mimouni, H., Yarosh, S. | ACM DIS 2017 | PDF
Best Paper Award (Top 1%)

Does Technology Have Race?
Hankerson, D., Marshall, A. R., Booker, J., El mimouni, H., Walker, I., & Rode, J. A. | ACM CHI 2016 | PDF

From Computational Thinking to Computational Making
Rode, J.A., Weibert, A., Marshall, A., Aal K., von Rekowski, T., El mimouni, H., and J. Booker. | ACM Ubicomp 2015 | PDF
Best Paper Award (Top 1%)

Short Papers

Computational Making Experience
El mimouni, H., Rode, J. | iConference 2016 | PDF

Computational Making: What Does this Theory Mean for SIGCSE?
Rode, J., A., Marshall, A.,El mimouni, H., J. Booker. | ACM SIGCSE 2016

Culture and Information Architecture: A Study of American and Arab Academic Websites
El mimouni, H., MacDonald, C. M. | ASIS&T 2015 | PDF

Transliteration and Retrieval Issues: Case of Arabic Language in Social Media
El mimouni, H., Park, J.R. | IFLA 2015 | PDF


From Computational Thinking to Computational Making: A Demo
Rode, J.A., Weibert, A., Marshall, A., Aal K., von Rekowski, T., El mimouni, H., J. Booker. | ACM Ubicomp 2015