Project Re-design for The “Ecole des Sciences de L’information” Website

The “Ecole des Sciences de l’Information” (ESI) is a reputable School in Morocco. Not only has its good reputation derived from the fact that it is classified as one of the Great Schools but also because it is one of its kind in the whole country that trains professionals in the very important domain of Library and Information Science in Morocco. By publishing its website, ESI has chosen to have an online presence. Its website is currently ranked 25th nationally. The users of the website are potentially Moroccan undergraduate, graduate students and their parents who try to learn more about the school. The actual users of the website are the school’s current students, professors and school. ESI reserves 10 seats for international students. Since the language of learning at ESI is French, the international students must speak French fluently. The website is in French since its actual users are French speakers. The goal of this study is to inform the design the website on the light of users’ experience approach to enhance the presence of the institution on the web. To that end, this project will focus largely on users’ experience to identify their needs because the informational needs of the users is the primary reason that makes them visit the website (Morville 2006). The research objectives set up for the study are: 1- Know about the users and how they use the website, 2- know from the users about their preferences in the website, 3- know about what users need and wish to be on the website to improve it. The extensive report involves the following: design brief, site map, competitive analysis, user research, personas, card sort, sketches, wireframes and a high-fidelity prototype.